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The SPEDTex Resource Locator is your gateway to special education resources. From accommodations to transition and everything in between, the SPEDTex Resource Locator lets you tailor your search by topic, audience, language and type. Simply select an option below to begin your search.

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Title (Click to link to Resource)AudienceLanguageType
Parents:Supporting Learning During the COVID-19 PandemicParentEnglishTraining
Your Journey to Self-Determination SeriesParentEnglishTraining
Online Training to Improve Accommodations Decision MakingEducatorEnglishTraining
Collaborating with Families of Students with DisabilitiesEducatorEnglishTraining
Re-imagining Inclusion: High-Quality Inclusion for Young Children with Disabilities When Our World is Turned Upside DownEducatorEnglishTraining
Re-imagining Inclusion: High-Quality Inclusion for Young Children with Disabilities When Our World is Turned Upside DownEducatorEnglishTraining
Re-imagining Inclusion: High-Quality Inclusion for Young Children with Disabilities When Our World is Turned Upside DownEducatorEnglishTraining
Use of Tele-Intervention in Early Intervention WebinarEducatorEnglishTraining
Inclusion Considerations for Students with DisabilitiesEducatorEnglishTraining
Inclusive Listening: Building Understanding, Supporting CollaborationEducatorEnglishTraining
A Tale of Two Conversations (Communication Skills)EducatorEnglishTraining
Working Together SeriesEducatorEnglishTraining
Strategies for Setting Data-Driven Behavioral Individualized Education Program GoalsEducatorEnglishTraining
Guia para la familia sobre el aprendizaje en casaParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Family Guide to At Home Learning (Univ of Florida)ParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Participando en Reuniones VirtualesParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Virtual IEP Meeting Tips for ParentsParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
The Path to Independence: Mobile Apps to Support Transition-Aged YouthParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Possibilities: A Financial Resource for Parents of Children with DisabilitiesParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Personal Competencies for College and Career Success: What College Can DoParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
A Transition Guide to Postsecondary Education and Employment for Students with DisabilitiesParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Fast Fact Sheets - Division on Career Development & Transition (DCDT) Council for Exceptional ChildrenParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Be Your Own Best AdvocateParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Seis Pasos para Responder Conflictos ConstructivamenteEducatorSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Seis Pasos para Responder Conflictos ConstructivamenteParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Six Steps to Responding to Conflict ConstructivelyEducatorEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Six Steps to Responding to Conflict ConstructivelyParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Resolving Issues with Your Child's SchoolEducatorEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Resolving Issues with Your Child's SchoolParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Advocating for Your ChildParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Collaborative Advocacy Guiding PrinciplesEducatorEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Collaborative Advocacy Guiding PrinciplesParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Defensores educativos: Una guia para padresParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Educational Advocates: A Guide for ParentsParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Estrategias utiles para obtener los servicios de educacion especialParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
5 pasos para convertirse en el mejor defensor de su hijoParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Cuando el distrito escolar no sigue el IEP de su hijo?ParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Para una buena comunicacion: ?a quien debo llamar?ParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
5 elementos de la defensoria exitosaParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
AsertividadParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Consejos que funcionan para el regreso a clasesParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Consejos para la comunicacion con los maestrosParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Los padres pueden ser defensoresParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Consejos de defensoria para los padresParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Resolucion de problemas de educacion especial con la escuela de su hijo(a)ParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Strategies to Obtain Special Education ServicesParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
5 Steps to Becoming Your Child?s Best AdvocateParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
When the School District Isn?t Following Your Child?s IEPParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Good Communication: Who Do You Call?ParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
5 Elements of Successful AdvocacyParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet